I am proud to call Kingman

Come and Explore Kingman, Arizona

I am proud to call Kingman, Arizona my hometown. It became my home after my mother went on a search for a good town. A distant cousin recommended Kingman, so we visited and explored it. Two months later, it became my home.

At first, the town seemed too remote. Then I started to notice all the beauty that was around me. At night, I could see all the stars and the moon. Early in the morning, the dessert was full of life. I heard the birds singing, saw the rabbits moving about, and sometimes even spotted a cow. Up in the Hualapai Mountains, I would smell the fresh mountain air and see the lush pine trees. Down in town, there was always a breeze blowing, so it never got too warm.

As I would warm up the car in the morning, I thought about what I was going to do the whole day. First, I would go to school and then I would run track after. When the time came to find a job, I went looking. I was taking drafting courses at school, so I had an interest in designing. I went to the local engineer for a job, and then four months later was hired. He took me in and taught me. I learned a lot from that man, and I am thankful for having the opportunity to work there.

Growing up in Kingman, I made good friends. My best friend, Kevin Gormany, showed me the way to the Lord. I found a good church and became a Christian. I made friends there that have helped me through the worst situations and who have encouraged me to do the best I can.

To try to sum it up, Kingman has beautiful scenery, vast opportunities, and great people. I am thankful to have been able to grow up in such a town and I recommend you to come and explore Kingman.