Arizona has been my home my entire life

Arizona has been my home my entire life, I was born and raised in Flagstaff and lived there until I was eighteen years old. My family moved four times within the city, but never left Flagstaff. Since I have left Flagstaff, I have grown to love the town even more; now I realize all that it was and how much of whom I am comes from where I grew up. I now live in Phoenix, where I am going to school, and I have lived here now for five years, but every year I am struggling with the thought of moving back to the high country.

Being raised in Flagstaff I believe you are spoiled and don’t even know it. Four distinct seasons, beautiful summers, with daily mountain storms, crisp fall with the smell of chimney smoke in the evening, cold winters with snow storms that are dried up by the next day, and spring weather that is perfect shorts and sweatshirt weather. Spoiled is having the chance to come across a deer or elk at any moment in many parts of town, and driving across town going through areas of forests, feeling secluded from a city. I love the small town atmosphere and knowing that anywhere I go, the mall, grocery store or restaurant, there is a good chance I will see some one that I know.

Flagstaff has given me a standard to which I measure all cities by. Flagstaff has given me a great family life, great friends, and it is also where I met my wife. Both my parents and my in-laws still live in Flagstaff and my wife and I go up there frequently on the weekends, to just get away from the big city and enjoy the mountain air. My home in Arizona is unmatched by other areas because of it’s uniqueness in its landscape. To be able to enjoy mountains and desert, and the many other places in Arizona are amazing and unlike any other state of its size. I feel blessed to have grown up in such an amazing area, and to be exposed to the many different wonders of the land. Flagstaff has become even more unique over the years due to its increase in size and population. While it still definitely feels like a small town, it has grown and so to has its economy. Flagstaff has now more stores and resources available in the city so your trips down to Phoenix are fewer. I enjoy Flagstaff for its community and the people that are there as well as the setting.

Northern Arizona University is a big part of Flagstaff, and the events that take place in the town. The city of Flagstaff sticks with its university and supports them at their games and different events. The downtown area of Flagstaff has been preserved from its earliest origins, and still appears very small and close. With everything in walking distance and a wide range of stores and restaurants, the downtown is a lot of fun to go hang out in and enjoy dessert or dinner. While it has many shops, the buildings are still very old, giving downtown the old west town charm and feel that it once was. Flagstaff is also a major stop for all southwestern trains, with a train station in the middle of downtown; it again makes you feel like you’re in a old town. There are amazing views of either the Peaks of Mt. Elden from anywhere in the town, and because most of the city sits at the base of Mt. Elden you are minutes away from great hikes.

I like to think that my town is one of the most unique towns in the country, let alone Arizona because of its unexpected climate in a state known for its deserts, Flagstaff sits at 7000 ft above sea level, higher than Denver and most other mountain cities. Flagstaff offers many outdoor sports and an amazing small town place that I would like to raise my children. Flagstaff is personal and beautiful, it’s lively and quiet, it’s for every season, and it’s full of great people.