I did not grow up in Phoenix

I did not grow up in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona or any of the large cities around Phoenix. Instead, I grew up in Green Valley, Arizona. A very small town about forty-five minutes south of Tucson. Now I know what you are thinking, Green Valley? Isn’t that a retirement community? I get that all the time, and it’s true, it is; but there are more kids living there than you would expect.

Green Valley is and will always be the place I call home. It is such a small community and you know just about everyone around you. I feel comforted there around my friends and family. I went to Continental Middle School graduating from eighth grade with a class of twenty-five people. These were the same twenty-five people I went to school with since pre-school. As boring as it sounds, I love knowing everyone around me; it creates such a caring atmosphere.

Even though there are many retirement neighborhoods, there are just as many that allow kids. I will never forget the house I grew up in and the kids I played with everyday. It was a child’s dream. There were tons of kids my age to hang out with and almost everyday we had something to do; whether it was going on an adventure through the desert washes, or playing a game of soccer in the street.

The town is so peaceful because it isn’t too commercialized yet. The traffic isn’t stressful to drive through and we still have the good old mom and pop shops. If this isn’t your style, you can always take the short trip north to Tucson and enjoy a day with the common restaurants and newest malls. Don’t think that Green Valley doesn’t have some of this though. Of course, we have your typical fast food like Burger King and Taco Bell, but at the same time, we have fine dining such as the Arizona Family Restaurant and the Madera Grill.

I think we can all agree that most of the time Arizona is too hot! Well there is a little difference in Green Valley. Its elevation is a bit higher and its temperature is lower by two or three degrees just about every day. Not to mention that it is only a half hour away from Madera Canyon. Beautiful pine trees, trails for hiking, and streams. The weather is always cool up there. You can escape from the desert heat and be in a forest surrounding in less than an hour. It is so convenient.

I on the other hand love the heat, so Arizona is the perfect place for me. The weather is beautiful. I have traveled to different parts of the United States and it makes me feel so fortunate to be living in a place where the weather is gorgeous almost all the time. Clear blue skies and you can hear the birds chirping in the trees around you.

I love Arizona, especially Green Valley, my hometown. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful state. I will never forget the place I grew up and I have so many great memories in this town. Arizona is the place I will always think of as home, and I would love to continue living here after college when I am on my own.